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About X Technology

New neo banking financial institutions are popping up, trying to disrupt the traditional financial world. Meanwhile, the traditional financial world is finding ways to adapt to the new reality. Both struggle. XTC was started with the mission to combine both worlds, to make the transition really possible. Unlike a lot of modern financial companies, we’re not here to disrupt, but rather to help those that want and need to make the transition to new ways of banking and payments.


XTC is embracing traditional and future financial systems to provide the ability to seamlessly trade and process different currencies, including cryptocurrencies.


 XTC is not just a company that wants to ride the wave of blockchain and crypto. XTC is seeing that the financial industry is changing. XTC is facilitating this change. The company will be providing services, build apps and software so it can create bridges between traditional and modern (neo) payment and banking systems. This way XTC can guide financial institutions and consumers to make the transition to the inevitable new way of banking/payment easy.

we are building bridges using XTC's own platform & services


• Payment app

• Payment processor

• An Exchange to trade between different currencies and cryptocurrencies

• Exchange Bridge to make payments and trades

between multiple exchanges possible

• Cards backed payment system (connected to the app)

Financial Institutions

• Online& mobile banking (omni-channel)

• ATM-switch

• Blockchain solutions

• Payment & mobile banking apps

• Clearing house software solutions


XTC Token Allocation

Time Line

2022 Q4

Clearing house development
XTC Platform Research Starts


Q1 -Start compliancy process (ongoing process)

Q2 -Payment & transfer app development

Q3 -Banking app development
-first Release of Clearing House

Q4 -Integration apps with clearing house
-first release of payment/transfer app


Q1 Exchange for clearing house

Q2 Launch with the first client

Q3 Replicate ecosystem to other upcoming countries & regions